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Summary Of Adventures So Far 1/14/11
Current Summary of Taerrimm

Hi. This is a short (or as short as I could effectively make it) summary of events so far in the campaign, I started this campaign when I was a very inexperienced DM, so some earlier adventures aren’t going to be the best ever, and I haven’t gotten into the habit of keeping adventure logs until very recently, and this campaign has been going for almost 2 years, so I will probably only give very brief summaries of less important adventures. Also, I doubt I will be able to remember every adventure, so if any players notice that I fail to mention something in this log, chill.

The players started in the town of Gerrazzo, an average sized town with nothing exceptional about it, except for its high amounts of trading with nearby towns and cities. The players, who already some experience with adventuring (being level 4), are: Valkyroc, a monk/paladin, Ronnock, a monk/sorceror, and Milo, a rogue/cleric. After hearing a persons pleas to help him with stolen property, they investigate and discover a group of theives living underground. After killing all of the thieves, they discover all of their stolen goods and a strange half of a disk with cryptic writing on it. There is also an unsigned letter telling the thieves to keep the “amulet” safe, and that they will recieve a large amount of gold if they do. After several sessions later, they find another, perfectly fitting half of the amulet, and they learn that the amulet is an artifact of Nerull that could be used to cause the apocalypse, eventually it leads to them confrontin Tharovil, an evil cleric who was trying to activate the amulet, and the players defeat him, and the amulet is given to the Dwarves of Vahlforge, who agree to keep the artifact safe, since it cannot be destroyed. Later, they defeat a lich who was trying to get revenge on the church of Pelor after they exiled him. Then, they defeat the tyrant mayor of Jeran, who was corrupted by the influence of a succubus, and would have opened a portal to the abyss if he had not been stopped. Next, they killed Garruk, a corrupt druid who attempting to destroy the Imperial City for personal reasons. Then, they killed an illusionist who was using illusion magic to trick a tribe of orcs into killing and stealing for him. In the most recent adventure, they are currently living in The Imperial City, and their friend and the captain of the City Guard Haikan lost his job for unjust reasons. When they investigate further, they find that there was an attack on an Imperial caravan by a group of usually peaceful wild elves. When they capture and interrogate one of the wild elves, they learn that the ruler of the tribe, Ashu, recently and unexpectedly commanded the attacks after a strange outsider entered the tribe and convinced Ashu to change from his usually nonviolent ways and command the attack. The players are currently trying to find a way to stop the attacks on Imperial Territory and get to the bottom of whats going on. I probably forgot to mention a lot of stuff, but this still gives an idea of some of the adventures going on.


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